Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price (2024)

In this article, you will know all the details about Saint Martin ship ticket fare, schedule, and booking process.

Ship Ticket Price List

Ship NameGround Floor1st FloorBusiness Class
Karnafully Express1500 – 15,000 Tk
MV Baro Aulia1400 – 10,000 Tk
Keari Sindbad1000 Tk1300 Tk1400 Tk
Keari Cruise and Dine1200 Tk1400 Tk1600 Tk
Atlantic Cruise1400 Tk1500 Tk1700-2100 Tk
LCT Kajol1200 Tk1400 Tk1600-5000 Tk
Shahid Salam1000 Tk1300 Tk
M.V. Aparajita1200 Tk1400 Tk1500 (Cabin, 1 Person)
Sukanto Babu900 Tk1000 Tk2500 (Cabin, 2 Person)
Green Line1800 Tk2200 Tk
Bay Cruiser 11300 Tk1400 Tk1600 Tk
MV Bay One5000-50,000 Tk

জাহাজের টিকেটের জন্য ক্লিক করুন ওয়াটসএপ বাটনে

Saint Martin Ship Schedule List

Ship Name To Saint MartinFrom Saint Martin
Karnafully Express (Cox’s Bazar)9 AM3 PM
MV Bay One (Chittagong)10 PM7/8 AM
Teknaf Ship9-10 AM3-5 PM

Cox Bazar to Saint Martin Ship Ticket Price

There is one ship in Coxs Bazar to Saint Martin route. Let’s know all the information about the ship, ticket prices, schedules, etc.

Karnafully Express Ship

কর্ণফুলী এক্সপ্রেস জাহাজ

Karnaphuli Express departs from Cox’s Bazar BIWTA Jetty Ghat (Airport Road) for St. Martin. Ship usually leaves between 5 am and 10 am depending on the tide. Know about the time in advance.

Also, if the time changes, the tourist is notified through SMS. It may be 11/12 p.m. to reach Cox’s Bazar while returning from St. Martin. That’s why it is better to take the last bus ticket of the night if you take the bus to Dhaka on the same day.

Fare Chart

Seat NamePrice (One Way)Price (Up-Down)
Standing/Extra Chair800/-1500/-
Economy Class Chair
Open Deck Chair1050/-2000/-
Business Class Chair
Lilac Lounge1600/-3000/-
VIP/Chrysanthemum Lounge1700/-3300/-
Single Cabin2200/-4000/-
Twin Cabin4500/-8000/-
VIP Cabin6500/-12,000/-
VVIP Cabin8000/-15,000/-

জাহাজের টিকেটের জন্য ক্লিক করুন ওয়াটসএপ বাটনে

Ship Details

MV Karnaphuli Express is a fully air-conditioned luxury cruise ship. The ship has luxurious rooms, lavish amenities, rooftop party space, various seating categories, space for corporate events, and security. The capacity of the ship is more than 600. The ship can run at a speed of 12 nautical miles per hour. The ship has 17 cabins/VIP cabins and 500 seats in 3 categories.

Other facilities of the ship,

  • Prayer Space
  • Restaurants
  • Projector
  • Roof Top Party Space

Important Information

  • Tickets for children below 5 years are free. Children aged 5+ must purchase a full ticket.
  • 2 people can stay in cabins other than single cabins. If there are more than 2 people, separate tickets must be purchased for each person.
  • Tickets cannot be canceled or refunded within 24 hours of travel time.

Teknaf to Saint Martin ships

  • MV Baro Awlia
  • Keari Sindabad
  • Keari Cruise and Dine
  • Atlantic Cruise
  • LCT Kajol
  • Shahid Salam
  • MV Oporajita
  • ST Sukanto Babu
  • Green Line

Teknaf to Saint Martin Ship Schedule

  • Teknaf-St.Martin-Teknaf route is operated daily by MV Baro Awlia, Keari Sindabad, Keari Cruise & Dine, MV Parijat, MV Rajahans, ST Sukant Babu, MV Bay Cruise.
  • All Ships leave Teknaf Between 9-10 A.M.
  • Ships Depart Between 3-5 P.M. on return from Saint Martin.

Teknaf to Saint Martin ship Ticket Price 2024

  • Keari Sindbad Ship – Main Deck Tk 1000, Open Deck Tk 1300, Bridge Deck Tk 1400
  • Keari Cruise & Dine – Exclusive Lounge Tk 1200, Coral Lounge Tk 1400, Pearl Lounge Tk 1600
  • ST Shaheed Sukant Babu Ship Fare – Main Deck Tk 900, Open Deck Tk 1000, Cabin Tk 3000
  • Child Policy: Children up to four years can travel free. From 5 years old full ticket.

MV Baro Aulia Ship

এমভি বারো আউলিয়া জাহাজ

MV Baro Awlia has recently started on the Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin route.

Deck NameSeat CategoryFare (One-Way)Fare (Up-Down)
Sun DeckVVIP Cabin (Attached Washroom, 1st-Back)5500/-10,000/-
VIP Cabin (Common Washroom, 1st-Back)4000/-8000/-
Seat (1st-Forward)750/-1400/-
Mozarat LoungeDelux Cabin (Common Washroom, 2nd-Middle)2800/-5000/-
Mozarat Chair (2nd – Middle)750/-1400/-
Bunker Bed(2 Person) (2nd-Forward)1800/-3500/-
Family BunkerBunker Bed(4 Person) (Common Washroom, 2nd-Forward)3500/-6000/-
Main DeckMain Deck (3rd Floor – Forward)750/-1400/-
PanaromaBusiness Chair (3rd Floor – Middle)850/-1600/-
RiverraBusiness Chair (3rd Floor – Back)850/-1600/-

Ship Details

The ship is under the supervision of Kornphuli Cruise Line and departs from Cox’s Bazar. The ship is fully air-conditioned. The ship has 25 cabins and 800 seats. MV Baro Aulia was imported from China in 2002.

Keari Sindbad

কেয়ারি সিন্দবাদ জাহাজ

The Keari Sindabad Ship is the most popular ship on the Teknaf to Saint Martin route. This ship’s fare is the lowest compared to other ships. The open deck of this ship is loved by all. The number of seats on this ship is 346. There is a canteen on board.

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Main Deck1000 TkGround Floor
Open Deck1300 Tk1st Floor
Bridge Deck1400 Tk1st Floor

Keari Cruise & Dine

কেয়ারি ক্রুজ এন্ড ডাইন জাহাজ

Keari Cruise and Dine is a fully air-conditioned ship.

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Main Deck (Exclusive Lounge)1200 TkGround Floor
Open Deck (Coral Lounge)1400 Tk1st Floor
Bridge Deck (Pearl Lounge)1600 Tk1st Floor

The Atlantic Cruise

The largest ship on the Teknaf-Saint Martin route is The Atlantic Cruise Ship. The ship has both AC and non-AC seating arrangements.

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Main Deck1400 TkGround Floor
Open Deck1500 Tk2nd Floor
Royel Lounge1700 Tk2nd Floor
Luxury Lounge1900 Tk2nd Floor
Super Luxury2100 Tk2nd Floor

LCT Kajol

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Main Deck1200 TkGround Floor
Open Deck1400 Tk2nd Floor
Business Class1600 Tk2nd Floor
Luxury Lounge2000 Tk2nd Floor
Cabin5000 Tk2nd Floor

Shahid Salam

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Main Deck1000 TkGround Floor
Open Deck1300 Tk1st Floor

MV Oporajita

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Main Deck1200 TkGround Floor
Business Deck1400 Tk1st Floor
Cabin1500 Tk1st Floor

S.T. Sukanto Babu

এসটি সুকান্ত বাবু জাহাজ

ST Sukanto Babu Ship is operated by Farhan Express Tourism. This ship is comparatively smaller in size than other ship.

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Main Deck900 TkGround Floor
Open Deck1000 Tk1st Floor
Cabin2500 Tk

Green Line

এমভি গ্রীন লাইন জাহাজ

Like Bay Cruise ship, this ship is also fast. The entire ship is air-conditioned.

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Economy1800 TkGround Floor
Business2200 Tk1st Floor

Booking Details

Green Line tickets can be purchased from any Green Line counter.

Rajarbagh Office
9/2 Outer Circular Road,
Momenbagh, Rajarbagh.

Bay Cruiser 1

Fast and fully air-conditioned vessel MV Bay Cruise 1. The ship has 3 types of seating arrangements. MV Bay Cruiser 1 departs for Saint Martin from Damdamiya BIWTA ghat in Teknaf at 9 am daily. Again it left St. Martin for Teknaf at 3 pm.

Seat NamePrice (Up-Down)Floor
Rajanigandha1300 TkGround Floor – Back Side
Hasnahena1400 TkGround Floor – Front Side
Krishnachura1600 Tk1st Floor

Ship Details

  • Children up to 5 years old do not need a ticket.
  • Fully air-conditioned.
  • Fast Korean Register (KR) class catamaran ships built in Japan.
  • An opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Naf river, sea, and Gangchil by standing in the open space outside and in front of the ship.

Chittagong to Saint Martin Ship MV Bay one

এম ভি বে ওয়ান জাহাজ

Bay One Ship is the only ship in Chittagong to Saint Martin route. The ship departs from Chittagong Water Bus Terminal Patenga ghat no 15.

Seat NamePrice (One Way)Price (Up-Down)
Economy Class Chair
(Deck E & Deck F –
1st and 2nd Floor)
Business Class Chair
(Deck D – 3rd Floor)
Open Deck Chair
(Deck A – 6th Floor)
Bunker Bed (1 Person)
(Deck C – 4th Floor)
(VIP Presidential Suite (2 Person)
(Deck B – 5th Floor)
Royal Suite (2 Person)
(Deck A – 6th Floor)
VVIP Cabin (2 Person)
(Deck A – 6th Floor)
Family Bunker Bed (4 Person)
(Deck A – 6th Floor)
VIP Presidential Plus (4 Person)
(Deck A – 6th Floor)
The Emperor Cabin (2 Person)
(Deck A – 6th Floor)

Ship Details

The five-star Bay-One ship was previously named “Salvia Maru.” After arriving in Bangladesh, its name was changed to “Cruise Ship Bay One.”

The ship has a seating capacity of about 2,000, including cabins and various categories of seats.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, based in Kobe, Japan, manufactures Bay One cruise ship.

It can achieve a maximum speed of 24 nautical miles per hour and an average speed of 16.1 nautical miles per hour. However, this ship will travel along the coastal route of Bangladesh at a speed of 18 to 20 nautical miles per hour.

Important Information

  • Tickets for children below 5 years are free. Children aged 5+ must purchase a full ticket.
  • 2 people can stay in cabins other than single cabins. If there are more than 2 people, separate tickets must be purchased for each person.

Saint Martin by troller

If you miss the morning ship from Teknaf, you can also take a troller to St. Martin.

Trollers leave from Lamar Bazaar in Teknaf town during high tide. Tides change regularly between 9 am to 1 am.

After reaching Teknaf, first, you need to know the time schedule of troller. Troller fares range between Tk 220-350 per person.

Due to the sea’s waves, trollers are significantly swayed, which can make anyone sick. It is better not to travel in a troller with family.

Frequently Asked Question

When ship from Teknaf to Saint Martin start?

27 September, 2023.

Is Saint Martin Bangladesh open for travel?

Yes. People can travel to Saint Martin from November to March.

How to go to Saint Martin Island Bangladesh?

Tourists can visit Saint Martin Island by Ship from Teknaf, Coxbazar, and Chittagong.

How long does it take from Teknaf to St Martin?

2-2.5 Hours by Ship. 40 Minutes by Speed Boat. Around 3 Hours by Troller.

When does the ship leave Teknaf for Saint Martin?

At 9 AM.

When does the ship leave Saint Martin for Teknaf?

At 3 PM.

When does the Karnaphuli ship depart from Cox’s Bazar for Saint Martin?

From 5 AM to 10 AM (Depending on Tide). Reach at 12 PM to 4 PM

When does the ship leave Saint Martin for CoxBazar?

From 3 PM to 4.30 PM. Reach at 10 PM to 11.45 PM.

Cox Bazar to Saint Martin distance by Ship?

It takes 5 to 7 Hours depending on the tide to reach Saint Martin from CoxBazar by Ship.

When does the Bay One ship leave Chittagong for Saint Martin?

At 10 PM. Reach at 7/8 AM.

When does the ship leave Saint Martin for CoxBazar?

At 9 AM. Reach at 7/8 PM.

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