Sajek Valley Resort Price list (2024) [Top 20 Resort]

Sajek Valley is a beautiful hill located in the Rangamati district of Bangladesh.

It is situated at about 1,800 meters above sea level and is known for its stunning natural beauty and peaceful environment.

There are several resorts in Sajek Valley that offer a comfortable stay for tourists.

List of 20 Top Resorts in Sajek Valley

  • Meghpolli Resort
  • Meghpunji Resort
  • Shangrai Hill Resort
  • Jumghar Eco Resort
  • Sara Nilkutir Sajek Resort
  • Meghmachang Resort
  • Sajek Eco Valley
  • Sampari Resort
  • Meghchut Resort
  • Adrika Eco Cottage
  • Garba Resort
  • Megh Batayan Eco Resort
  • Laxman Cottage – Salka Eco Resort
  • Sumui Eco Resort
  • Sajek Classic Resort
  • Indubala Resort
  • Chader Bari Resort
  • Kinnar Cottage
  • Meghraj Resort
  • Megh Peon Resort

Resort Price List

Resort NamePrice (Tk)
Meghpolli Resort6000-8000
Meghpunji Resort5500-6000
Sangrai Hill Resort4500-5000
Jumghor Resort4500
Sajek Eco Valley Resort3600-5000
Sampari Resort3500-4500
Meghchur Resort4500
Adrika Eco Resort4500
Meghraj Resort4000

N.B: Price can fluctuate at times. Confirm before booking.
Sajek Valley Resort Price List

Meghpolli Resort

The cottages at Meghpalli Resort are made of mud. And this resort has Sajek’s only infinity swimming pool. Also, the tree balcony is one of the most exciting places in this resort to take pictures.

Location: Mizoram Side

Number of cottages: 6

Room rent: 6000-8000 Tk

Meghpunji Resort

A magnificent infinity view of Mizoram is available from Meghpunji Resort.

Location: Mizoram Side

Number of cottages: 4

Room rent: 5500-6000 Tk

Sangrai Hill Resort

Shangrai Hill Resort is located on the Indian side of Sajek. From this resort, you can enjoy the amazing sunrise.

Location: Mizoram Side

Number of cottages: 5

Room rent: 4500-5000 Tk

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Sajek Resort Booking Advice

  • Each resort’s room rent fluctuates from time to time. Room rent for Friday-Saturday is relatively high. Discounts are available on other days of the week.
  • If you have to make an advance payment at the time of resort booking, check it carefully.

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